I know, I know ... ideas are always dull and boring and you would much rather get straight to the story ....

Well, I still introduce myself (us) before a little. I just think it should be that way.

We live in threes, although no actually fifth (if the 2 cat should be countes at all), on the edge of NRW shortly before Niedersachsen in a relatively normal middle-sized town. Stuffy as we are, we have no exciting hobbies like skydiving or white water rafting, but enjoy our house, our garden, the peace here and now and holidays. And ....felt asleep?

2013, everything changed. My daughter was diagnosed with AIH (autoimmune hepatitis, fibrosis grade 3) and seiddem in our lives, nothing is as it was.

I would be glad if our history is responsive to one or other interested and maybe even other stakeholders. Above all, to this blog freeing some understanding in people who only caught at the edge of such a disease and sometimes can not understand what all is behind it when someone says "I can not, I'm too tired" or " I lack the strength. "

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