For a week our girl is more or less stable now (cross fingers).

The Novalgin helps, but I have to decide every day whether the headache, muscle, joint or bone pain or vertigo attacks are bad enough to dispense painkillers.

Often I can do it but with deflection, to dissuade them or at least to delay the handover.

Nice is different. Since our child has pain every day and you have something that could help her ... But who want to give his child every day already so much pain medication? Especially with all the other drugs that she gets.

Now comes the weekend and her girl friend is allowed to sleep with us. On the one hand very nice, because the two are of one heart and soul ... On the other hand is always very stressful for our mouse. But since the visit on Friday night sleeping with us, she has so even to rest on Sunday. Experience has shown that this works best.

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