Today I called and asked if already a "judgment" was made about us in the health clinic. The files are still in the review, but nevertheless only times still does not take "no"! I see the positive as long until I get rejection. SO!

I want to thank you for the love guestbook entries. It is good to get some feedback to see that people read what I write and also interested. I found so many lovely people on the forum "my liver" (link can be found here on the website) and also in the Facebook group that I visit for AIH. It feels so incredibly good to see that we are not alone with our problems.

Dear Marianne, we may also be wimps! It's too bad to watch as a mother when your child is sick and you can not do anything really, except be there. As you may also cry or despair times, or grumble! We knock then anyway the dirt from our knees and carry on.

Dear Daniela, you're always so kind to me. Gives me power and makes courage while you struggle even against all the stupid problems that brings the AIH with it! I wish us all now just someone who pushes us when we need it, and a lot of strength for the coming battles! And Kim, I hope that finally the right immunosuppressive agents is found, and it has no bad side effects more! Get well wishes to the mouse!

Nice to have you.

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