Now our girl has her days for the first time again since last year in July (when we were taking the cure). And what happens? The same game as in the cure. The bleeding will get with each passing day more and more and is barely under control. It ended up in a way to the KRH and she has regained a syringe with ergot, so that the bleeding stops again.

So it's no use, we need again an appointment with the gynecologist because a solution must be found.

Now for something pleasing. Yesterday we went to the open day at 2 vocational schools and our princess has been viewed their economic high schools and higher commercial schools. Which school it willbe, it is now clear, only the choice is between the higher trade school and the gymnasium has yet to be taken. It is both offered there and to be able to decide our girl will soon get each sample 2 days per school branch with and decide thereafter.

Anyway, we are very proud of our girl! Against all odds, she fights so well through the school. Because she still has daily bone and joint pain and her fatigue is always present.

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