Now we know that our girl has achieved the targeted degree. Including the Q memorandum.

Although we have never doubted the joy is great and we are very proud of our princess.

More we are concerned about as likely their everyday problems. The stomach pain and colic are again clearly more and more violent. She complains in addition a strong bloating and once again the food Roulette starts. What is tolerated, what is not. In such phases, I go to over prepare lamb and horse meat, because that is usually even more well tolerated when everything else gets.

Raw food ... can not. Ends in immediate colic.

Vegetables generally like playing Russian Roulette. What was yesterday, today obtained stomach cramps. What was perceived as tasty yesterday, today ensures gag only the scent ago. And besides, anyway everything tasted "strange". All brassicas then fall even eh away, because of the bloating, as well as legumes ... there is not much.

Carbohydrates in the form of pasta, potatoes and the like hardly walk. Yesterday there was despair couscous. That went. At least from the treaties ago. But it also has tasted "weird". And boiled potatoes also go from time to time.

Pork is hardly not with us, if then more beef or poultry. But that just goes again not.

Think about already, simply times offer only scrambled eggs.

Our girl has incidentally lost 10 kilos since December. Finally she lost the cortisone overweight slowly. Certainly the methylphenidate helped her. This medication stops unerringly every hunger. Even if it is a side effect actually.

I will ask at 21/06 in the outpatient clinic if all these problems of the PSC come from. Maybe our mouse needs more Ursofalk. Perhaps the PSC is active, although the liver function tests at the moment are stable?

The fatigue reaches the moment again an all-time high. Actually our girl wants to rest and sleep ... do not get up in the morning in bed ... love spending all day in bed. It's just very difficult to motivate her. So I just curl massively with favorite things, such as swimming, a trip to the sea and so on, so that our child is at least from time to time on the move.

The whole thing looks like this that the princess tired drags herself into the car, headphones on and please do not bother until you are on target. Then she rouses herself more or less trying to participate in whatever is planned precisely and then she falls down together short time later, drags herself completely finished in the car, headphones on and lie down in the back seat, until we are at home. Then, of course, straight to bed. At least no fever at the moment.

Bones and muscles ache again stronger.

And as we look towards the future.

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