After the pain drip at night the legs of our girl were still wobbly and soft the next 2 days. But it is but right back to normal in the meanwhile. So pain yes, every day, but bearable.

I have attained a huge success
in her severely handicapped. The requested letters B and G have been rejected (as was to be expected). However, my request was granted, and from now my child has their 70% GDB unlimited!

At the level of care I'm still working. The application was rejected and the assessor had awarded me only half the time. Thereupon I wrote a 8 pages contradiction and justifies each of the deleted minute. The letter from the insurance company came very quickly that everything is present again at the MDK and sign up as soon as a new statement has been received. Either now comes again a new reviewer to us or it will be decided on the file. We now wait even 1.5 months (?) to the next step.

Meanwhile, our girl counts the time until we go on vacation. She would be immensely to the forthcoming sailing, but she`s very afraid that she accurately THEN again has an attack of pain and is not able to sail with. I reassured her and said that all will go well!

I wish all nice summer holidays which still have!

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