On 19.07.2016 we were in the hospital for MRI. The Gall looked a bit strange in the last ultrasound and so a MRI has to be made after only 1 year again. The investigation was as always, even though we were a little surprised this time because our girl had to drink just before 2 cups pineapple juice because she must be soberly.

Said and done, even if it has our princess very shaken. Then it went into the tube and I went obediently back into the waiting room. 40 minutes it should take,  1.5 hours it last. Since I am getting a little nervous and I once asked if everything is OK. Unlike the last time we got no information on the results at this time. Now it's got to wait again. How I hate this eternal wait.

Meanwhile everything is as always with the pain.

And so we do not get bored, I go now for emergency medical attention at 18 o'clock, because I got very painful blisters on the abdomen and if it really should be a shingles, it can be very dangerous for Laura.

Can someone a portion of "normal life" or "stuffy boring everyday" send over?

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