Since 2015 the PSC has come to our girl. So far, I have always regarded her as an appendix, and I have never really looked into this disease.

This will change now. Because I have now realized that there is also knowledge and questions against the doctors need. The PSC is not to be underestimated and has its own illness and a very own prognosis. And, unfortunately, very own risks.

So I will, like then at the AIH inform myself and stay tuned, so that we are not completely ignorant. And when we are in the MHH, I have to ask questions. First of all, the question of whether a PSC will actually always result in a transplant, as is the case everywhere. For this I ordered myself a book about the illness and one what an affected person has written. If the book of this affected person is good, I will publish it here as a reading tip.

You never finished learning ...

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