Since Thursday my girl is now sick again at home.

On the way to the school, the circulation has swallowed, including nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and cough. So I collected the child and brought her to bed. Unfortunately, our doctor is back again on Monday from vacation and so we will have to overcome the weekend alone. The emergency services here we know already enough and they do not help. Since Thursday, she has also rarely moved out of bed, as soon as she tries to get up, she get dizzy and she gets headache. She does not have a fever yet, and we hope it stays that way.

On Monday we will drive to the doctor very early in the morning and have blood tests and drugs. Unfortunately this means she will miss the school trip, which takes place on Monday, because she will not be able to do a whole day running.

A few days ago, she got the information that the class trip goes to Spain and where and what is done. Now the excitement is great. The joy is huge, but also her worries and fears. 20 hours bus ride are very exhausting and she is just afraid to get sick in another country so far from us.

The next good news is, she has applied for a voluntary internship at her request company during the summer holidays and was accepted. The joy was huge.

I wish everyone a nice weekend.

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