After a long time of the cough, this finally calms down slowly. Laura had to take antibiotics for one week, but then we had to be patient, because the cough was really stubborn.
One day our girl was so ready that she slept at eight o'clock in the evening, and the next day I had to get her up again by 3:30 p.m.. If it has gone after her, she would have remained.
We were now again with the gastroenterologist. Liver values ​​continue in the normal range, which we naturally find great. He would now like to try to get rid of the Prednisolon. I am a bit skeptical, because at doses below 5mg the values ​​have gone up immediately. But maybe we are lucky and it works.
In the ultrasound, everything was okay, but he told me clearly that the changes in the bile ducts are there, are clearly there and also no longer get better or disappear. The PSC is just a disease that can not be stopped or slowed down. He took every effort to involve Laura, but has stumbled on granite. She just wants to have the most trouble with this disease, and otherwise she does not want to hear or know anything. Expertise ... no thanks. She suffers from her illness internally, even though she does not say much about it.
Next are a CT in July and the appointment in the MHH is still outstanding.
In the meantime, the Labor Office gave a psychological and a physiological assessment of the workability of Laura.
They have judged that Laura is at a high level of knowledge and, in some tests, has been cut off at the upper end of high school graduates, but is always far above the usual level of the pupils of her current education. But that was not new to us. The physical examination has brought some limitations with it in the assessment. For example, a lot of stress, night shift, shift work and many others are advised against.
And now I wish you all a wonderful Easter celebration

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