In early May, of course, on a Sunday, I had to go to the emergency medical service with our girl. She had kidney pain on Friday and came to me on Sunday morning and said the urine was green. So off to the emergency service. They then sent us straight to the hospital and Laura stayed there for 3 days. On Wednesday, she was then allowed to leave the hospital again and was released without to find out what was going on.

Furthermore, the new Gastro had told us that it would be so far to try to sneak out the cortison and has downed Laura from 5 to 4mg Predni. This has lasted exactly 3 weeks. Our beautiful remission is now history. There was a relapse.

GOT: 19 (01.2017) / 21 (04.2017) / 33 (18.05.2017) / 88 (29.05.2017)

GPT: 17 (01.2017) / 18 (04.2017) / 65 (18.05.2017) / 97 (29.05.2017)

GGT: 15 (01.2017) / 20 (04.2017) / 73 (18.05.2017) / 127 (29.05.2017)

Alk. Phos. : 77 (01.2017) / 87 (04.2017) / 109 (18.05.2017) / 140 (29.05.2017)

After a telephone call with the Gastro she is now back from 10mg (from 18.05.2017) to 20mg from today. Let's see if we can handle it like this. Last time it took 60mg for 6 weeks to get it back into remission. Next Tuesday is the next blood test.

The MHH to Hannover is no longer on top. They could not have managed it for months on several times request of our Gastro only to respond a message, whether they have an appointment, or they are too full and do not create it. Therefore, we had to decide between Uniklinik Essen and Uniklinik Münster and then took Münster. There is an appointment in July.

Something sad yet. In September, the class trip from Laura to Spain will go and she is already looking forward to it. Now there was a discussion between us and the teachers about her illness and now they are advised whether they can bear this responsibility and if Laura can go with them or whether the teachers can not take over this responsibility. Of course, we can understand the teachers who have to think well, but it makes us sad that our own "child" is so sick, fights again and again, and is so often kicked by the life and the disease in the ass. She had to give up her career because of this illness, but she still went on, and now she found what she wanted to do and was allowed to do, and now she is looking forward to the class trip and maybe the illness makes her back a bit. Quite honestly, I admire my girl for the fact that she has this bite at this young age and that she also takes off again after disappointments.

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