Now again some time has passed and there is finally an update again.

The class trip has unfortunately done for our girl. For various reasons, the teachers are unfortunately unable to bear this responsibility. It is sad and painful, but we can really understand the teachers very well! The school did not make this decision easy and I would like to thank all those who were involved. The will to somehow get it was definitely there!

As a little comfort, we promised Laura to go with her to Vinci. She is currently totally on Leonardo da Vinci and would like to experience his birthplace.

The liver values ​​are now somewhat more under control. Two of the three are normal, the third one still graces and does not want to go down. As far as the Gastro told me, this is the value that stands for the PSC. At least, the bilirubin value also decreased somewhat.

Unfortunately, our girl is not doing well. In the past few days, she had been returning home earlier from school. The fatigue is now so bad that she hardly gets out of bed, her joints hurt again worse and she has 2 weeks of continuous headaches and nothing helps against it.

We have now come to the fact that she makes a little lunch sleep only once after school, to fill up a little strength.

Next week we have the appointment in the University Clinic Münster and on Thursday an appointment with the neurologist, because of the headache. And she also should go to the pain ambulance.

At the moment, she only hopes that she will make the upcoming internship in the desired company well, and has really jammed not to pack it.

On Friday I then gave the health insurance company the prescription for a wheelchair. The nursing service saw the necessity of relieving them of their painful griefs, thus enabling them to return to their social life even in these bad phases. Our wondrous house doctor has issued the recipe without hesitation and the health insurance company promised to take care of it directly. In this way, our girl can still participate in the worst phases of pain still in the life outside, because she does not have to bother anymore, her knees again the legs away on the way.

These were our first news. Overall, not nice, but it brings us all the synonymous not off the clock ....

We continue!

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