Dear Ones,

Long ago the last entry. Now there is an update.

The first appointment in the University Hospital Münster was on 12.07.2017

We (Laura and I) are both enthusiastic about the clinic. The first time you have felt in such a large clinic not as a number. It was an ultrasound, blood tests were taken, and most important, the doctors really took a lot of time for us, answered all questions, explained everything, and even I felt the first time as an informed mother To be taken seriously and not to be annoying. Laura was then converted from azathioprine to Cellcept. The Cellcept gets so far super, except for a small side effect. She's got a little diarrh.

The two-week internship in her wish company has kept our girl so far well.
She was sick for only one day. In fact, she likes the job without end, which she wants to learn.

Then we spent a week in Denmark on vacation. This has done us all very well. We had a lot of rest, much relaxed, read, swam, although the Baltic Sea had only 15 °.

When we came back, we expected a surprise, 2 companies invited her directly to the discussion talk ...
One of them is her desire company
Altogether about 10 applications are out and no cancellation so far! We hope this remains so.

Since the 12.07.2017 we were weekly for the blood collection and must continue to keep with. Today was the second visit to the UKM and again we were surprised how great this clinic is. The medication was then changed again because of the side effect on another means, which has the same active ingredient, but differently dosed.
Unfortunately, our girl was then overturned in the liver ambulance, and because the heart beat went so irregular, although the blood pressure was actually correct, she had to go directly to the ECG. The ECG was fine, but she was constantly dizzy and she had vision problems. Then she lay for a while on a couch, but when it did not get any better, I put her in the car anyway and went home. Eaten and drunk enough she had anyway. In 8 weeks we have to be there again, then she gets a full anesthesia and a stomach and a bowel mirror is made.

At the moment the sleep disturbances are again very extreme and we will now have to test different things, in order to perhaps be able to improve. If you have any tips, please let me know. It was already tried to swim in the evening to get deep sleep, from 8 pm no TV, from 6 pm no more PC, warm bath, walk, warm cocoa .... So slowly we know nothing more.

So that were our news. You should keep your fingers crossed for the applications of our girl.

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