Now the MRCP was done and we looked at the pictures with the doctor of the outpatient radiology practice.

The changes in the bile ducts are already very clear. There are several places that look almost close, but just for me lay people. How "tight" the actual are, the UKM must tell us. And the doctor noticed Lauras bile was very big. But what that can mean, she also did not know or wanted to say nothing. At least no bile stones could be seen. Both large and small bile ducts are affected. And now we take the CD with the pictures well to the next date in the UKM with. When the really takes place ... lastly we have an appointment for the 18.10. directly noticed, days after came a letter that the next date on 24.11. including gastro- and bowel mirroring would be and recently came a change of date from 24.11. to the 02.11.

So it remains exciting.

And hardly the autumn weather has arrived here, Laura is already sick. Headache, nose tight, completely weak, bone pain, nasal cavities tight .. short a really great cold has entered. Now my autumn program goes with cultivate, fresh soup cook and tweeted again, so that the mouse is soon again on the legs.

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