Our lives, our daily with AIH

So, the history is and until April of this year our mouse was in clinical remission.

11.-13.04.2014 Hospital

I had booked for my husband a couple-weekend for him for birthday surprise
and to ensure that he also comes down times. Since the diagnosis everything revolved around the AIH and us as a family. We love our children very much, but also found, you should not forget yourself as a couple! Only so you can also take occasional recharge.

Our angel was in clinical remission, the everyday struggles we got used, so what should suggest otherwise? The mouse should leave at my mother and we wanted to continue.
So the 11/04/2014 came. Everything was normal up exactly 1 hr. Prior to the departure to my mother.

My Little Angel suddenly started to feel uncomfortable, got temperature to 37.5 ° and headaches associated with colds.

Since I was now so proficient with the infection, I got no panic, provided her with ibuprofen (the only painkillers, which she may take with her medications) and nose spray, she rubbed cold cream and told her that she should take a bath at  Grandma and then rest under the blanket on the couch.

We arrived at my mother, all as before ... no temperature increase, no further deterioration. So we drove on. My mother had finally got already 2 children big and we also were  sick sometimes ... I felt not well with this, but we should forfeit all the money for the book, just because our girls had a cold?
So we drove on and just arrived at the hotel, when I got a call from my mother "The temperature seems to rise (37.8 °), she got fever looking eyes, refuses to eat, is hoarse, sore throat has" I then told her: "Please measure every half hour, which sometimes goes very fast with the fever."
Barely 30 minutes later, the next call in from my mother told me she was now at 38.9 °, and asked what she should do now. I just said "In the hospital, now directly please".

Our child spent this weekend in the hospital and we were far away and felt helpless.
When we went back on Sunday to my mother, we were allowed to pick up our child again, while we got the news that the liver values ​​had risen again ...
GOT 39.0
GPT 45.0
GGT 37.0

Not much, not earth-shattering ... and all hoped it was just the cold ...
On 05/06/2014 then re-inspection and then firmly ... remission goodbye ...

GOT 86.0
GPT 97.0
GGT 113.0

Later it turned out, she had an EBV infection (Ebbstein-Barr virus) which had triggered an outbreak of Pfeifferschem glandular fever and woken her AIH again and activated.

So again checks and cortisone, which was now on a maintenance dose of 2.5 mg once again set high.

28-29/05/2014 Hospital

I celebrated my birthday and wanted to go in the disco with my girlfriend in the evening. Finally dance again, my child stayed at home, my husband is watching ... this time it just had to go well ...
At 23 pm we arrived at the disco at my husband had brought us and persuaded me more or less, because our girls had a stomachache. What may have been due to it sometimes but that they had previously unreasonable possible wild eaten everything up ...
As they say a nearly 15-year-old, what to eat and what not ...

I kept looking at my phone and while it remained silent I relaxed slowly around 1 am and started the evening to enjoy. Until ... yes, exactly until 2am. I looked again at my phone and saw 5 missed calls, WhatsApp messages and SMS ... more went so hardly. I called back and had a totally desperate man on the phone. "What shall I do? She has a stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting at the same time".
I told him to pick me up immediately and he did, as our angel could be alone halfway.
Hardly at home I went to her, grabbed her and frightened. I did not need a thermometer to know that the child has high fever. So down, my friend said she should lie down, told my husband that he should please start the shoes, we have to go in the neighboring town to the hospital.
Then I sharpened again and tried my child to wear. You do not even managed now alone to dress a shirt. When she was dressed, she was so exhausted that I did not know how I should get it down the stairs. She could not stand anymore.
Somehow my husband and I got the mouse down towed together. I myself do not like to imagine how painful it must have been for her ...
So then it was about half past 3 in the neighboring town in the Children's Hospital ... Child with bucket on his lap and we with stomach ache with worry.
The doctor there diagnosed food intolerance (because of diarrhea and stomac), migraine (because of the massive headache that she had) and the fever was a mystery to him... Again, we never knew why she had fever ...
You got massively high-dose painkillers as drip and 5 am she was so much better that we were allowed to take her home.

Blood Control 06/11/2014

GOT 58.0
GPT 113.0
GGT 247.0

The values ​​rose so on. Helplessness took hold, because now we had arrived back on 40 mg cortisone.
So we had the 07/03/2014 for food in the University Hospital for renewed liver biopsy on the penultimate day of school.

Sequel follows........

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