Last Monday, the gastro called directly. He said we should let the blood count be determined again during the week and then decide what to do. He guessed either a) a boost or b) that still has a gallstone somewhere in the corridors and possibly an ERCP must be made.

On Wednesday, blood was taken, Thursday faxed to the Gastro and on Friday, then directly the feedback that we should contact URGENTLY the university hospital. I did that directly on Friday afternoon. After a few phone calls with the responsible doctor of the clinic it was said "We need the MRI pictures from the beginning of February, where the colic was".

Unfortunately, the hospital in Bielefeld could not send the pictures directly via a separate line, so that a CD had to be burned first and is now sent by post to the university hospital.

Now we wait for the renewed recall of the university hospital, as soon as the MRT pictures were viewed. Until then, we have the announcement in case of fever or shivering IMMEDIATELY to go to the hospital.

And so we are waiting for things to come back to us ....

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