My last post was a while ago, so here is an update.

The liver values ​​of Laura went in this time only up, then down again and now they rise again. Based on the blood values, the University Hospital assumes that the AIH has become active again at the beginning of February due to the biliary colic. Thus, the beautiful remission that has been achieved there, once again lapses.

Now her medication has been changed. She was on 2x 360 mg Myfortic a day now set to 2x 740 mg per day. There was now a switch from prednisolone to budesonide.

All in all, she is stable. Her pain is always there, sometimes more, sometimes less bad, but we know that. That's everyday life. Her fatigue is still there, even though we have earned a tiny little victory there. We started with vitamins with her to compensate for possible deficiencies and from time to time there is something like a "good" day with her. That means, she does not get up dead tired, but feels halfway well until about 12 o'clock. Then of course she packs the exhaustion full again, but she already knows that. But she can not be beaten down.

On 02.05. we are back in the university hospital and then continue.

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