... we'll get in touch again.

After the blood values ​​went up and down for quite a long time, they were already thinking about switching Laura to Prograf. But then, thank goodness, the values ​​have returned to normal. This whole fight lasted until about the end of June and really got on our nerves.

In the meantime, we have to go 1x per month for the blood control to see if the blood levels remain reasonably within limits. From the University Hospital of Münster, we continue to feel very well cared for and are happy, not having to drive through the Giant-traffic to Essen.

Then Laura finished the higher business school as best in class with a super grade point average, but unfortunately did not get an apprenticeship because many simply shied away from her illness. Nevertheless, we have decided to play with open cards with the employers, because we think it is important that everyone deals honestly with each other. Then next year the appropriate training. In the meantime, Laura is doing a 6-month internship in one of her dream companies, giving her the necessary internships so she can study as well if she wants.

Last week we were in Denmark and tried to find rest and relaxation, which was not so easy during the heat wave. And now, hardly back home, it goes straight to the doctor.

Yesterday night, stomach pains started and we were on alert because we thought there would be colic. Somehow, Laura came through the night, but now the temperature rises by the minute, in addition to headache and body aches, nausea and pain in the abdomen do not go away ...... And to match this is our great family doctor with a team Vacation. It was granted to them from the heart, only Laura feels well looked after there and safe and therefore it would of course have been nicer, they were there. Let's see if the representation feels equal to Laura's diseases. Our experiences with other family doctors are not very tingling.

As you can see, actually nothing big new with us .... we fight through.

Keep your fingers crossed for the doctor's visit and have a nice day!

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