The bile is so annoying.

After the GGT was so elevated, the Gastro Laura sent for endosonography, because gallstones were possibly suspected in the bile ducts. For this Laura had epigastric pain and other problems for a week after each meal, which put the bile clearly in the focus.

So we phoned on a Friday and got the appointment for endosonography directly on Monday. Laura was put under anesthesia and the bile ducts were sounded from the inside. There was also blood taken there again.

Shortly before, the biliary stasis must have come off, because nothing was found and the GGT dropped to 88. Although still elevated, but showing a declining trend.

Now we are as smart as before.

Then one week later blood was taken and the GGT did not sink any further, which makes it clear that the PSC is still active.

At the moment Laura has to take antibiotics, because she has an acute bronchitis and has infected me right away, I also have to take antibiotics because I have pharyngitis.

And as if that's not enough, she's in the middle of application stress. She has already passed 3 recruitment tests and received job interviews at all three companies, which have to be postponed because she is ill.

You may therefore keep our fingers crossed for the three are their favorites as far as apprenticeships are concerned ....


On 17.10. we are back in the university hospital, let's see what they say about their GGT.

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