On 17.10. So we were in the university hospital.

As the liver values ​​continue to rise now on 09.11. made a biopsy of the liver to determine if levels are increasing due to AIH or other processes in the liver.

Depending on how that turns out, it is then switched directly from Myfortic to Prograf. So that would be the fourth drug. You see, she still does not respond well to this therapy.

I hope, however, that the biopsy shows that grade 3 fibrosis has improved to 2 or so. We will see.

The application stress is now over thank God, because she has got an apprenticeship for next year.

Over 1000 applicants in 30 positions ... but, she has done it and is allowed to start her apprenticeship at her dream company.

Now we hope that on 09.11. everything goes well and she is back home quickly. We are very curious, what comes out then.

Of course you can keep your fingers crossed for us as always.

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