Laura was allowed on 07.02. leave the hospital again. The doctors are sure that it was "only" a biliary colic, which was caused by the sediments and the PSC-related bottlenecks in the bile ducts and has dissolved again.

On Monday the 06.02. the values ​​had risen again (one even to over 340 and also the bilirubin value was increased), but since Tuesday they have fallen again slowly, so that Laura was allowed to go home on Wednesday. Friday we had to go back to the hospital to check. Also there, the values ​​continued, albeit slowly. At home, she was still a bit shaky on her feet, but went straight back to school on Thursday. After all, it's a graduation year and the exams are due in May.

This Wednesday we will go again in the morning to take blood and hope, of course, that the values ​​continued to fall or normal. At the moment our princess sniffs again, but Toi Toi Toi she is not sick again.


That was the latest news from us.

I wish you all a nice week with lots of sunshine.

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