Hello my dears,

unfortunately, the liver values ​​of Laura rise again .... and this time a little bit stronger than just a bit.

The budding "flu", which is why we had to go to the family doctor, has turned out to be a slight gallbladder problem. Because she suddenly felt better, but there was itching there. At least there was no full-blown colic.

On 13.08. we were at the normal check-up at the Gastro and he told us when something like this happens more often now, we need to be superior to take the bile out. The last severe colic was only in February, where it was determined on an MRI that has Laura Sludge in the bile. In the meantime, there were always days with itching or temperature, which has always resolved quickly. But nonetheless, it always produces elevated liver values ​​and re-activates AIH. And "With a degree of fibrosis III it is already clear direction cirrhosis on the road and you have to watch" (quote Gastro) for each additional irritation can bring to flip the whole thing.


Now I put the liver values ​​of the last tests in:


                                                    08.06.18                                   09.07.18                                 13.08.18


GOT                                               47                                               27                                          37


GGT                                              71                                                43                                           177


GPT                                               98                                               58                                            82


The GGT stands for the PSC, the other two values ​​for the AIH. The normal value should be <30, for all three.


Let's see how it continues with us. Whether the university hospital now wants to switch to Prograf .....

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